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Workflow Max
Express Migration

Let's get started!

Step One

We need you to invite us into your Workflow Max as an advisor.

With your admin login go to

Business / Settings / Staff

Then select invite advisor and enter

We will then setup a trial and  start a test migration.

Step Two
Schedule training session to learn:
Please request a session a few days after you have invited us into the account to allow time for the test migration.


Step Three
Schedule go live support session:
Please book for the day you want to go live, we will do the final migration the day before and lock your current WFM.

Just give us a call on +64 3 377 9499

Questions and Terms and Conditions

Trial Setup and Workflow Max by Bluerock Terms

Ripped Orange will setup an account on your behalf, use of WFM means you are accepting their terms which you can view here: Terms of Use | WorkflowMax by BlueRock (

When should I migrate?

Data migrations may take 24 hours, during this time you won’t be able to use either system.  Consider doing this over the weekend or having a process to record time elsewhere.

What are the payment terms?

50% deposit then the remainder on completion of the migration.

What about ongoing support?

Clients that are migrated by Ripped Orange have lifetime access to phone support for short questions at no cost.

How much time will I need to invest?


Ripped Orange take a training approach so you will need to be involved in some areas. Specifically, you will be responsible for

  • Cross checking reports to validate data has come across

  • Communicating to staff about the change and what they need to do (we will provide the content)

  • Providing access to your current Workflow Max and Xero

Can I purchase Workflow Max from Ripped Orange

You will need to purchase Workflow Max directly from them via credit card.

Items that may be additional cost

Extra reports/ staff / templates

There are some manual steps required as part of the migration, including adding users, reports and custom templates. We have assumed the following number of each.

  • Recreation of 3 custom reports

  • Loading and testing of 3 custom print templates

  • Inviting 30 users

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