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Workflow Max Migration Update

With just over 100 days until Workflow Max is being retired, now is the time to start planning your change. The Workflow Max you are currently using will stop working on June 26th.

We have a range of options to support you to change to the new WorkflowMax by BlueRock , and are planning to start supporting clients to change from early April.

Is WorkflowMax by BlueRock ready for me?

There are still a range of features that are not available, you can review these on the live feature release schedule.

Based on the timeframe, there are some key release dates to consider, please review the full list for your requirements:

End of March

Job Financial Summary

WIP Ledger Reports

End of April

View WIP at a certain date

WIP Reports

Mid May

Final Standard Reports

Beta Mobile App

After Workflow Max is Closed

Bar and Pie Charts

Data Import for Costs to Jobs

Global Search

When should I migrate?

Assuming the feature release dates are met, Ripped Orange plan to offer migration services from early April.

Actual timing will depend on how you currently use Workflow Max and the features that you need.

We can run a test migration now, to assess the quality of the data and highlight any issues you may encounter with data quality.

What other options are available?

There are a variety of alternative options to Workflow Max, we have reviewed these options or book a call to discuss.

What are you thinking?

So we can best support you with the change please complete the survey below.


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