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SharePoint Training Courses

Private Virtual Classes

Learn together as a team at a time that suits you.

Bring the team together wherever they are based. Our short two-hour virtual workshops are a quick and fun way to learn.

Our two workshops on Microsoft Teams are ideal to learn and get your team collaborating with Microsoft Teams.

SharePoint Lists and Document Libraries

This course is essential for anyone who wants to get the most out of SharePoint.


During this 2 hour session you will learn how to create advanced document libraries and lists as part of Microsoft SharePoint.

You will learn how setup document libraries to manage documents and how to build forms to capture information in a list.

At the end of this session, you will be able to plan and develop how you are going to manage documents and create lists of information.

Content Covered:

  • Adding columns and meta data to document libraries and lists

  • Formatting of a list or document library

  • Creating and working with views

  • Controlling documents with version and approvals

  • Simple automation of lists

SharePoint Pages 

This course is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to use SharePoint to create and manage their own intranet pages.


During this 120-minute session, you will learn how to construct an intranet by building pages and adding content to these pages.

Additionally, you will learn how to build Microsoft Forms and include them as part of your intranet. At the end of the session, you will be able to build a simple intranet site.

Content Covered:

  • Creating a site

  • Adding pages to a site

  • Saving pages as templates

  • Adding web parts to a page

  • Understanding the most popular webparts

  • Configuring web parts

  • Building Microsoft Forms

  • Building and publishing pages

Working with Documents

Looking to learn how to work with documents in Microsoft 365? This virtual course will teach you everything you need to know, from creating and editing documents to sharing and collaborating with others. You'll also learn how to use Microsoft 365 tools to organize and manage your documents. 


During this 120 -minute session attendees will learn how to work with and manage documents saved in Microsoft 365.

Key topics covered in this course:

  • Where to store documents

  • What is the difference between OneDrive and SharePoint?

  • How does Teams link to OneDrive and SharePoint

  • Working with Documents

  • How to navigate and pin files to access them easily

  • How to create and share a document

  • Co-authoring documents

  • Working on documents together

  • Controlling document versions

  • Using the OneDrive app to synchronize documents to your PC

SharePoint Intranet Planning Workshop

During this half day workshop, you will learn how to plan and setup an intranet using SharePoint.
You will learn how to plan permissions, and how to structure your site and what components you can use on your intranet.

At the end of the workshop you will be able to understand and plan how to build a SharePoint intranet.


Additional coaching is available to support you after the workshop. Workshop can be delivered virtually or in person.


  • Objective for session

  • Introduce concept of SharePoint online, pages / lists and document libraries

  • What is SharePoint?

  • Overview of components that makeup a SharePoint Site

Structuring SharePoint

  • Planning your structure

  • Home Sites

  •  Hub Sites

  • Navigation

  • Permissions

Creating Pages

  • Creating a page

  • News vs Pages

  • Overview of available web parts

  • Adding web parts that summarise information.

Managing Documents    

  • Adding Document libraries

  • Settings for a document library

  • Permission for a document library

  • How to sync a document library

Creating and Managing Lists

  • What is a List

  • Creating a list and working with views

  • Power Automate Overview

Launching your intranet

  • Planning a launch

  • Measuring users

  • Planning ongoing updates

Private Coaching

Learn just what you need to know for 1-2 people.

Learn to get the most out of Microsoft SharePoint with coaching from Ripped Orange.


Our experienced trainers will help you master the basics and advance to more complex topics, including how to customize your site, how to integrate with other tools, and how to get the most out of the collaboration platform. 

SharePoint Virtual Coaching

Spend 90 minutes with an experienced coach who can help keep your SharePoint site or intranet on track, without having to watch hours of You Tube videos or crawl through confusing support articles.

Some areas can help with

  • Document version and check in / check out setup- SharePoint Intranet Design

  • Managing Permissions

  • Viva Connections setup 

  • Organisation Asset Libraries Setup

  • Configuring SharePoint lists

Contact Ripped Orange to book

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