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Teams Training Courses

Private Virtual Classes

Learn together as a team at a time that suits you.

Bring the team together wherever they are based. Our short two-hour virtual workshops are a quick and fun way to learn.

Our two workshops on Microsoft Teams are ideal to learn and get your team collaborating with Microsoft Teams.

Introduction to Microsoft Teams

Learn how to collaborate using Microsoft Teams including chat for conversations and how to share and work together on a document.

Key topics covered in this course:

  • What is Microsoft Teams?

  • Navigating in the application

  • Chatting, calling and sharing your screen

  • Collaborating on documents in a team

  • Creating and joining meetings

Mastering Teams Meetings

Learn how to take your Microsoft Teams meetings to the next level with Ripped Orange. In our Mastering Meetings in Microsoft Teams course, you will learn how to quickly and easily set up and manage online meetings.
Key topics covered in this course:

  • Creating and Joining a Meeting

  • Sharing your screen

  • Presenting a PowerPoint

  • Recording

  • Taking Notes

  • Using the whiteboard

  • Joining a meeting from your mobile

  • Controlling your Meeting

  • Lobby Settings

  • Creating repeating meetings

  • Meeting in a Channel

  • Working with content in the meeting

  • Sharing the recording and content after the meeting

Private Coaching

Learn just what you need to know for 1-2 people.

Learn to get the most out of Microsoft Teams with coaching from Ripped Orange.


Our experienced trainers will help you master the basics and advance to more complex topics, including how to customize your workspace, how to integrate with other tools, and how to get the most out of the collaboration platform. With our help, you’ll be a Microsoft Teams pro in no time.

Micrsoft Teams Coaching

Take your Microsoft Teams skills to the next level with Ripped Orange.

Our Microsoft Teams Coaching service is designed to help you get the most out of the platform. We provide personalized guidance and support to help you make the best use of the features and functions of Microsoft Teams. 

Some areas can help with

  • Managing Teams Meetings

  • Setting up channels

  • Using Chat

  • Managing external users

  • Working across multiple teams

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