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Microsoft Office Template Design

Create consistent on brand documents quickly & easily

We have been building letter, report and proposal templates for over a decade.

Smart features like content controls, custom colour themes, styles and fonts ensure that your documents are on brand.

Time saving features like table of contents, section breaks and auto text can also save time producing documents.


Use fill in fields to quickly write a letter


Multi page documents with section breaks and table of contents

Document Automation

Use repeating content and text snippets to create constant documents

Style Sets

Create on brand documents with correct colours, styles and fonts. 

Microsoft Template Solutions

Word Style Set and Theme Setup

The foundation of a good template. Setup of heading and table styles and colour theme

PowerPoint Template Set

PowerPoint template with multiple slide masters and layout

Word Template Set

Setup of letterhead and long multi page document templates.

Template Distribution

Setup of Organisaton asset library in Microsoft 365

Over 10 years of template experience creating Microsoft Word and
PowerPoint Templates

Ripped Orange have an experienced New Zealand team that can help plan, design and support all your Microsoft Office template design needs.

Our services

We have been building Microsoft Office templates for over a decade, and have built hundreds of templates that are in use by thousands of people each day. Our team are experienced in simple template design or reformatting, to complex VBA template programming.  We can help you design a template from scratch or build from a PDF design prepared by a design agency.

Our capabilities

We are experienced in:

  • Office Template Design

  • Converting PDF or InDesign to
    Word Templates

  • Linking Word Templates to SharePoint

  • Distributing Templates using SharePoint

  • Creating forms using Content Controls

  • Automated templates using macros

Our experience

With over a decade of Microsoft Office Template experience we have worked on hundreds of projects of all sizes, including:

  • Auckland Council – Design and distribution of templates

  • Plant and Food – Template design and linking to SharePoint

  • ATEED –  Document formatting and template design

  • Legal firms – Template design and link to matter management systems

  • Engineering Firms – Automated report templates

Template development clients

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Ripped Orange helps businesses achieve the productivity gains that software promises. We have helped business users achieve this through training, coaching, or adapting selective solutions to better meet their needs.


We understand technology, but more importantly, we understand the benefits a business can achieve by using it well.

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