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Cloud Software

Phone a friend for advice and support

Using Microsoft 365 or Workflow Max and need someone to call when you are stuck?

Once your software is in the cloud, your support requirements change. Making sure the software is running correctly is part of your monthly fee from MicrosoftXero or Workflow Max.

Ripped Orange provide support for your users to ensure they are using the software effectively, so you get to make the most from your cloud software subscription.

Ripped Orange provide phone and email support for customers that purchase their cloud software from Ripped Orange.  You will pay the same as going direct and get:

  • No charge for the first 5 minutes for phone and email support

  • Preferential rates for additional support

  • 25% discount on Ripped Orange Virtual Courses

Phone Support

Phone support to help you get the most from your software.

Regular Insights

Learn from the experts with regular articles and webinars.

Free User Adds or Deletions

Staff starting or leaving?  Ripped Orange can setup or archive.

Pay the same 

Costs no more than what you pay direct from Workflow Max or Microsoft.

Clients We Support

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you provide general IT support?
    Out team are experts in using Microsoft 365 and Workflow Max, we are focused on coaching you to support yourself. If you require regular technical support or want someone to look after all your IT systems we can recommend some great IT Support companies that we work with across New Zealand
  • Can I pay by credit card?
    Yes you can continue to pay by credit card although we have to pass on the merchant fee You can also pay by direct debt or monthly invoice
  • Is the subscription cost the same?
    Yes, you pay the same retail price you are paying Microsoft or Workflow Max directly for your Cloud Software.

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Ripped Orange helps businesses achieve the productivity gains that software promises. We have helped business users achieve this through training, coaching, or adapting selective solutions to better meet their needs.


We understand technology, but more importantly, we understand the benefits a business can achieve by using it well.

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