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Time to book in your Workflow Max Migration!

It's now time to plan and lock in your migration to the new Workflow Max before Workflow Max by Xero closes on June 26th.

The Ripped Orange team have completed many test migrations, and we are actively using the new Workflow Max by Bluerock every day in our business.

There have been a few false starts along the way, but migrations are now coming across smoothly. Read our tips on when you should move to Workflow Max by Bluerock.

Migration Options

We have three options to support your successful migration.

Migration Boot Camp - $500

Guided Migration - $800

Premium Migration Service - $2500

You can learn more about the various options below. We are recommending doing a test migration from mid-late April then a final migration from mid-May.

Free Support Sessions

During May we will be running free support sessions each Friday. These are designed as ask and expert sessions to help you migrate or get the most out of the new Workflow Max.


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