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Closing your Workflow Max by Xero Account

With Workflow Max by Xero being closed on June 26th, it’s important to close the account correctly and export your data.

After 26 June 2024 you won’t have any access to Workflow Max by Xero and the data in it.


Step One – Exporting Your Data

It’s best to export everything you need, this can be done from

Business/ Settings / Export All Data


  • Document Export

  • Account Data Export (Chose both CSV and XML)

  • File Export (Use this if you want a list of clients)

  • Custom Template Export

Once you have these safely tucked away in Microsoft 365 or Dropbox you can close the account

Step Two – Closing your Account

  • Remove the mail to Workflow Max email address

Jobs / Collaboration Manager / Configuration

  • Cancel Your Subscription

Business / Subscription / Cancel Subscription

(If you pay someone else for Workflow Max then get them to do this)


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