Google Training Courses

G Suite, or Google Apps, is a range of different cloud based applications that allow you to communicate, store and share information across your business and externally.

Ripped Orange deliver Google training courses covering a range of the apps and can tailor a course to incorporate the apps you need to know.

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Google Apps for Work

Our Google Training course focuses on Google Drive and the various tools and applications used to create and share files.

Content Covered:
* Adding and managing files
* Sharing files internally and externally
* Searching for a file
* Syncing to a computer
* Working with Docs, Sheets and Slides

Google Sites

This course covers how to set up and maintain Google Sites.

Content Covered:
*Adding Pages
*Add and Editing Content on a Page
* Creating and Using Page Templates
* Sharing content between Users
* More advanced settings, tips and tricks