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Workflow Max Retirement - Time to start app dating again?

Xero have recently announced that Workflow Max will be retired in June 2024. We have been using and implementing WFM for ten year and like many others will soon need to decide what system to switch to. The following is some initial suggestions to guide your decision.

Don't panic - take your time

There is plenty of time. Switching to a new system only takes a few months so you don’t need to start looking straight away. Plenty of similar products will see this as opportunity for sales and will be planning ways to make their offering look the most attractive.

Think about how you use Workflow Max currently.

Most people don’t use all the features in a software application. Have a think about what features, or process flows you really use and write them down.

Think about the process flows that are a bit clunky or take too long with Workflow Max. This will form your wish list of features.

It’s a bit like buying a car, yes, we would all love the latest <insert super car here> but would we really use all the features, and can we afford it?

Focus on apps that are in your industry.

Once you have defined how you use WFM and what is on your wish list it’s time to get dressed up and go app dating.

There is a lot of choice which can be overwhelming. The Xero app market is a good place to start but you can waste time on dud dates (demos) with app providers.

When you purchase software, you are buying both a program and expertise in process flows. Two programs may have similar features but one may just flow better for your industry.

A sedan and station wagon may have exactly the same features, but one may be better for carting the dog around.

You can filter the Xero app market by industry or focus on the description and what industries they list as the first options.

What do you sell or make?

We have implemented WFM across most industries, in doing this we learned some themes on how different business operate and what they sell or make.

If you can fit into one so these selecting a new app will be easier to define what is important for your business.

Workflow Max options
Workflow Max options

What do you sell?

  • Time Only - Could be per hour, project or retainer

  • Time and Items - We charge for time and items

  • Items - We charge for the finished product

  • None of the above

Discuss your options with an expert

Once you have defined your needs, based on what you use now and what you could use, book a call with Ripped Orange or one of the expert Workflow Max implementation partners to walk through your options.

Stay tuned for more.

This is part one of a series of articles as we go through the journey to look for a new job management system for ourselves and our clients.

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Edouard Sabbah
Edouard Sabbah

My understanding is that WFM was sold and will continue under "new mgmt".

However for accounting firms using XPM - Xero Practice Manager - that product should continue to exist and will be solely focused for accounting professionals.


Hi Edouard, yes correct there will be a new WFM built under the same name and XPM continue with no changes.

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