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Workflow Max Retirement - What are your choices?

Workflow Max Retirement - what are your options?

The retirement of Workflow Max retirement means lots of business have to decide what to do with a system that they have used for years.

The following poll and suggestions is designed to help you provide a structure to make a good decision.

frame up your thoughts, you can also book a free call to review your optiosn in more detail.

What's happening to Workflow Max and when is it entering retirement ?

Workflow Max will stop working at the end of June 2024. Before then you need to decide on a new option and move or save any data you want to keep.

There will be a new Workflow Max (WFM2) that will be available for review in December 2023. The developers of this have committed to the same pricing and features as Workflow Max has now.

Now - December

December - March

March - June

Good time to decide your approach. Do you wait for WFM2 or move to a tool that will provide greater benifit

WFM2 will be available for review in December.

Need to have a plan in place to migrate

Should I wait to evaluate WFM2?

WFM2 will be built on a new modern platform with the ability grow and have future development. Something that was not possible with Workflow Max.

If Workflow Max works well for you at the moment and you think it provides good value then waiting to evaluate WFM2 could be a good option.

Are you happy with Workflow Max?

  • 0%Love it! It works really well for us

  • 0%It's ok - like a comfortable slipper

  • 0%Not so much - we have grown or changed

How much more will I need to pay?

Workflow Max was great value and had a tiered pricing model when most SAS software has a per user model. This means it was incredibly good value for firms with more than 20 people.

Most new system are on a per user per month basis and are around $30 - $60 per user per month.

Some systems also have a minimum number of users ranging from 5-10 users.

There is a sweet spot in the 10-15 staff area where the additional marginal cost is not a large total cost allowing you to access some great functionality.

Per User Per Month

Workflow Max Pricing

Alternatives (Avg $40)


$30 - $80

$40 - $200



$200 - $400

10 - 20


$400 - $800

20 - 50


$800 - $2000

50 - 100


$2000 - $4000

Any good software should be able to demonstrate a return on the investment made, but for firms with more than 20 staff it will be a step up in investment.

Do you want to pay more?

  • 0%No - we don't want to invest in this area.

  • 0%Possibly - If we can see the productivity benefits.

  • 0%Yes - Our needs have changed.

What features do other systems have?

One of the strengths of Workflow Max was it's ability to flex to suit a variety of businesses. At a high level it supported businesses that either sold time or manufactured things and charged for time and items. You can read more about this here .

This wide approach meant that it did not specialise in certain process flows or industries.

Key features that other systems bring include:

For services business
  • Easier resource scheduling

  • Multi-currency options

  • CRM Capabilities

  • Forecasting abilities

  • Industry specific options

  • Leave management

  • Capacity Planning

For manufacturing business
  • Smoother purchase order process

  • More flexibility to manage quotes

  • Inventory management

  • Shared login or kiosk for factories

Modern Architecture

Workflow Max was built over ten year ago, newer ways of developing open software mean connections are easier to link to other systems.

Newer systems will provide out of the box interfaces to

  • Power BI Reporting

  • Zapier to generate automations

  • Integrations to CRM Systesm

  • Integrations to task systems like Asana, Dev Ops etc

  • Integrations to cloud file systems like SharePoint / Drop Box.

WFM2 is running an ideas list that you can contribute to here

Do you want extra features?

  • 0%No - Happy with how Workflow Max works

  • 0%Yes- These sound great and will save me time

What now?

If Workflow Max is not cutting it and you answered yes to the questions above then book a no obligation chat with the Ripped Orange team to discuss your options.


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