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Using Quote Folders in Workflow Max

Folders in Workflow Max are a way of itemising similar costs and tasks into smaller chunks – essentially allowing you to create sub-jobs.  Folders have been a feature in Jobs since way back – but have only recently become available in quotes.

This is great news for WorkflowMax users who quote in stages or phases – giving you flexibility to build quotes the way you want.

This much-anticipated feature opens a world of possibilities, empowering WorkflowMax users to create structured, professional-looking quotes.

Here’s how it works in practice…

Scenario – John at Orange Landscaping is quoting a construction project with three stages – Consents & Engineering, Excavation and Safety Fencing. 

John creates his quote in WorkflowMax in the usual way.  He adds some tasks and costs, which appear in their relevant section on the Job Information tab.

Task Screen Workflow Max

John now navigates to the new Folders tab in his quote.

Quote Manager

The tasks and costs he just added show as Unassigned.  John applied a job template to his quote, so the folder set has been automatically generated.  

Folders can be created manually by selecting the New Folder button at the top of the Folders tab.

Folder Screen Workflow Max

John wants to move all the unassigned tasks and costs to the Excavation folder.  To do this he selects them using the checkbox, then selects Excavation from the Assign to drop-down.

Assign Folder Workflow Max

The unassigned folder is now empty, and the four tasks and costs are showing in the Excavation folder.

Folders Workflow Max

On the quote information tab folders can be collapsed and expanded, allowing John to easily review the components of his quote, prior to issuing.

Quote Folders Workflow Max

Once John has added and assigned all tasks and costs to a folder, he’s ready to issue and print the quote.  WorkflowMax have provided two sample quote templates – one with full detail (as per our example below), the other with folder name and price only. 

Quote Workflow Max

If the quote is accepted, the job will auto-generate, complete with the folder structure and tasks/costs assigned in the quote.

If you’re keen to get started with this great new feature but need a little help – reach out to us on 0800 000 256.


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