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Makeover for Workflow Max Mobile

Xero (the owners of Workflow Max are fans of Apple products, so It’s not surprising that the recently released app works on Apple devices only.

Choices for mobile workers have been limited to a stripped down mobile website, or a third party app like Actual.

The new app is beautiful as you would expect from Xero, and it covers the basics well including adding time, providing job overviews and being able to look up client details. The Workfow Max blog has more details on features and a quick video.

The app is great for entering time on the go, and has a handy timer feature.  You can also add costs and notes into a job.  However there are few things missing including,  no ability to filter jobs, enter new jobs or view lead and prospect details. The lack of ability to pick a date for time entries will frustrate people that don’t complete their timesheet daily.

Overall a good first release, the Xero app has lots of regular updates so looking forward to the same with this one.   If you are looking at mobile options for Workflow Max, then consider this and also review the mobile site and the Actual App.


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