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Exporting your data out of Workflow Max

Exporting your data from Workflow Max

When workflow Max is retired in June 2024 your access to your data will be changed. While exact detail has not yet been provided, here are a few options to consider if you are moving to a new system now.

Moving to new system

Most systems have a way of importing data, this may be an uploaded report, or a customised upload from the Workflow Max Export. Some have also built an automated link to extract Workflow Max data.

What data should you export from Workflow Max?

Just link moving to a new house you potentially don't need to move everything across. At a minimum think about transferring your list of clients, contacts and past and current jobs. Your accounting system will have a list of invoices for you to refer back to.

What do you need to keep?

Even though you may have transferred information to your new job management system you may want access to more details on past jobs. It's likely you won't be able to or want to import all this data into your new system.

There are a few options to dump data from Workflow Max. You can explore these here.

However.. this will give you a rather unstructured dump of data that may be hard to search.

Export Documents from Workflow Max

Workflow Max connects to Google Drive and Dropbox, allowing you to store data in these file storage options and view from within Workflow Max.

When you connect either tool to WFM it will suck all the documents out of WFM and put them in a tidy file structure. You can leave them there or download or move them your existing file structure.

Watch a demonstration of this here (start at 6 minutes in)

Export Time Sheets and more from Workflow Max

There are some reporting tools (our favourite is Synchub) that allow you to connect and sync data out of Workflow Max.

With a little effort you can also build a simple report in Excel or Power Bi. This could be a great option to export all your data and save it to Excel or Power BI in a structured format.

Want to discuss your options?

Book a no obligation call with the Ripped Orange team.


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