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Office 365 Data Center Move

You may have received an email from Microsoft about where your data is stored and moving data center regions. If you started using Office 365 before around April 2015, your data is stored in Singapore and Hong Kong

You have until October 31, 2016 to place a request for your data to be moved to the Australian data centre.  After then it can’t and won’t be moved.

Should you move?

There are two parts to this decision:

  1. You may prefer or anticipate requirements in your business that mean having data stored in Australia will be more acceptable than Asia.

  2. Australia is closer than Singapore, so  latency (speed) may be better for Skype and SharePoint online.  We don’t expect this to be very noticeable.

What’s the impact if I move?

There is more detail on the overview below,  there is no cost to the move and it will be managed to Microsoft’s timeframe which may be 15-15 months away. There will be some minor inconvenience to users at the time of the move but it does not look significant.

Once you have decided to move, you can’t change your mind.

Overview and more technical details.

How do I find our where my data is?

Login to Office 365 with your admin rights and check the organisation profile as below

Admin Settings

Admin Settings

If you decide to move, follow the instructions below, contact Ripped Orange if you need a hand

How to change

Follow the instructions below



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