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Microsoft Price and Flexibility Changes

In March 2022 Microsoft is introducing two changes to the way Microsoft 365 subscriptions are purchased that will impact all Microsoft 365 users.  You can read the full details of the change here.

The changes are:

1 – Price Increase of around 15% for selected products

Most New Zealand businesses use the Business plans as they are priced for organizations with less than 300 staff, the changes are listed below in USD

  1. Business Basic  (Web only) + $1 USD per user per month

  2. Business  Standard (Web + Desktop Office) – No Change

  3. Business Premium (Web + Desktop Office + Security ) + $2 USD per user per month

For more details on each business plan view our article on Which Microsoft 365 Business Plan

2 – Less Flexibility to make changes

The more significant change is Microsoft will remove the flexibility to reduce, pause or cancel a subscription unless you purchase a more expensive month-to-month plan.  Customers will pay about 20% more for this flexibility.

What do you do?

Pricing changes are never welcomed, however, all businesses do need to review and adjust their pricing from time to time.   Microsoft has not changed their prices in many years, however, it’s unfortunate that both a price change and flexibility change are happening at the same time.

Option One  – Pause the change for a year.

Ripped Orange can help you defer the price change and flexibility change for another year. Who knows what 2022 will bring but this may bring some flexibility.  If you want to press pause on the change you need to do before March 1 2022.

Option Two – Take advantage of some of the promotions on offer

There are a few promotions to soften the change including a  5% discount on your current price if you commit to a one-year term.

If you already purchase your cloud software via Ripped Orange we will be in contact to work out the best options for you.

If you purchase your software direct from Microsoft we would welcome the opportunity to discuss the best option to suit your business needs. Contact us today to discuss



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