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Microsoft 365 April Update

Spring usually means lot's of new product announcements from Microsoft before the northern hemisphere summer break.

Some large announcements in March that interested us were:

New Microsoft Teams Application

Microsoft Teams has been completely rebuilt and a new version released that will run in parallel with the current version for a period of time.

The new version promises to be faster and use less battery and performance on your computer that will be great. It will also be quicker and easier to switch between different organisations.

You can read the full announcement from Microsoft here

Should you switch now?

Probably not. Trial the new experience with a few people, there is some good guidance here on what is and is not available in the new Teams. Key areas that are missing are support for Mac, search and files, expect these to arrive soon.

Microsoft 365 Copilot

This is ChatGPT but for Microsoft Office. Allowing you in time to "ask copilot" to create documents, presentations etc for you.

This will be very interesting and exciting but also opens up lots of questions on how to manage and use it.

You can read more about the announcement from Microsoft here



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