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Locking the front door – Microsoft 365 Security

Security options with Microsoft 365

As with your home, your keys or password are the first line of defence to avoid access to your account.

While we can’t easily have one key that will open our house, car etc, this is easy to do in an online world as we create our own keys or passwords.  Sharing the same password over multiple can have the same risk as misplacing a master key.

Password protection is the users responsibility, as much as keeping their card keys safe is their own responsibility.

However Microsoft 365 provides a few easy options to reduce the risk. The following Microsoft 365 Security options may help

  1. Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor means you need a password and something else to verify before getting access.   The second factor may include a SMS message, phone call or app on your phone.  You have to authenticate each time you login.  Two factor is included with Office 365, premium paid versions provide more security options and the ability to suspend it when you are on the work network etc.

It’s disappointing Microsoft are changing extra for the premium version that is easier and more secure, interestingly Mail Chimp provide a 10%  discount on the total subscription if users enable two factor authentication.

Sign In

Two factor sign in on a customised Office 365 page

  1. Customise Sign In Screen

Every day thousands of phishing campaigns are sent, with fake sites that are designed to capture your login details.  See the one below  looking like Office 365.

Fake Sign In
Fake sign in

Fake Office 365 Sign In Page

One easy solution is to customise the login screen with your brand, so user are presented with your company brand.

This is easily achieved  by following this blog article

  1. Password Policy

Office 365 allows you to set password expiry frequently and some settings around how complex a password needs to be. If you are struggling to create a password check out the Last Pass password generator



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