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Increase OneDrive for Business Storage

How to unlock 25TB of storage with OneDrive for Business.

OneDrive Storage
OneDrive Storage

OneDrive for business has a very generous storage allowance that is often underused.

Each licenced user receives:

OneDrive Storage

  • Business Essentials and Business Premium - 1TB of storage

  • Enterprise Plans- E3/ E5 - Initial 5TB storage expandable to 25TB then further expandable on request.

The enterprise plans include the SharePoint Plan 2 which is also available as a separate individual purchase for NZ $15NZ per month. Plan details

By comparison SharePoint Storage is pooled with an initial 1TB then 10GB per user. Additional storage is priced at around NZ $300 per TB, or 30c per GB per month.

Expanding your OneDrive capacity can be an easy and cost-effective way to unlock additional storage options.

To unlock the initial 5TB follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you are licenced correctly as above and have 5 or more users in your tenant (on any licence)

  2. Change the users default storage limit to 5TB from the user's tab in the admin centre. More details.

  3. Once the user gets to 90% of 5TB the storage will be automatically increased to 25TB

  4. Once you get to 90% of the 25 TB then contact Microsoft support to have the site increased to a SharePoint Site

Points to consider:

When working with large files it's worth being aware of the SharePoint / OneDrive limits.

File Size Limits

  • 250 GB max file size.

  • 30 million files in a library.

  • Don't sync more than 300,000 files.

Transfer Speed

Be aware that uploading takes time, to upload 1 TB can take 8 hours.

Use this calculator to estimate upload time based on your internet speed.

Want to understand your options in more detail, book a coaching session on Microsoft 365 below.



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