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Big week of Microsoft Announcements

Microsoft global headquarters are just outside of Seattle, in Washington State. Seattle is known for being rather cloudy and wet in winter. However, the clouds have been whistling by this week, with a string of announcements that are all part of new CEO’s Satya Nadella “mobile-first cloud-first strategy”. In case you missed it, here are a few of the highlights, with links to more details on some blogs we follow. March 27th – Office for iPad Released

Ripped Orange tried this and like it, however you really need an Office 365 account. Read more on our blog.

April 1 – Clippy Returned Yes Microsoft do have a sense of humour; wish he would hang around…

April 2 1 – Windows Phone Software Free for Phones and Small Tablets 2 – Windows Phone 8.1 -The Update is rolling out now 3 – The Start Menu is coming back 4 – “Siri” comes to the Windows Phone



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