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World first for computer courses

At Ripped Orange we have been helping organisations get the most from computers and computer software for more than a decade. Over this time there have been significant technical advances, including the launch of smartphones, tablets, touch screens and the widespread adoption of cloud computing.

Computer training methods have not advanced as quickly, with a strong reliance on classroom and some online learning. This will change today.

Ripped Orange is pleased to announce computer training for computers. We realised that as much emphasis is needed to be put on the computer as the owner. A little like puppy training. Over the past years there has been too much focus on training users, and not enough on the actual computer. We would like to change this and now believe that computers are smart enough to respond and retain training interventions.

Our first course is on computer behaviour and obedience. This is designed for a new computer and will focus on:

  1. When to run software upgrades at a time that is convenient for the owner

  2. How to save power

  3. Paying attention and not dropping wifi connections

  4. Playing nicely with projectors and headsets

At Ripped Orange we are really proud of our new courses, and are confident that they will help improve the productivity of both computer owners and users.

To celebrate the launch we have five courses to give away. Just email before 12 noon April 1, 2014 with you and your computer’s name.


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