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Syncing OneDrive…

OneDrive is the shared name for Microsoft’s personal cloud storage space.  There are two types, OneDrive for your personal data and OneDrive for Business for work documents that your work or school can control.

OneDrive also provides the ability to access and store documents on your computer, phone or tablet using the OneDrive App or OneDrive Synchronisation Client. When it’s working well the Sync client picks up your latest changes and sends a copy to the cloud. Confusingly there have been two versions of the Sync Client, one for personal and one for business users. The business one has been phased out as it was not working as well.  Instead, the personal sync client has been updated to work with both types of sync clients.

Team Orange has been testing the new version, and it works well, but it is still early in the development cycle, and not as mature as competitive tools like DropBox or Google Drive.  This is still the first release, and there is a lot more to come, so use caution if upgrading now.

You can read more about the new “Next Gen” Sync Client - Improve your OneDrive sync experience


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