Microsoft SharePoint Courses

The Microsoft Sharepoint Training IconSharePoint is a great tool for managing and sharing documents and information. It is extremely flexible and solves many business issues. Ripped Orange can help you learn what is possible and what fits your business needs through this Sharepoint training.

Getting Familiar with SharePoint

This Microsoft Sharepoint Training course is ideal for you if you already have a SharePoint site and want to learn more about setting up and managing a project site, lists or permissions. Our team will coach you on your SharePoint site.

Setup and Administration

This full-day or half-day course is ideal for business users that want to learn how to administer and set up a SharePoint site. This is ideal for organisations that are looking to implement SharePoint.
An overview of the benefits on Microsoft Sharepoint for communication sites.Want to learn more about the Sharepoint Training course at Ripped Orange? Contact us.

Interested in delving deeper into the features of Microsoft Sharepoint, visit this link: