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What happens to the Office 365 account when a user no longer requires it?

Setting up a new Office 365 user is easy but what happens when they leave? What do you do with their account, and how do you ensure you don’t lose any important information and still have access to their mailbox?

There are several steps that can be taken to manage the account of an Office 365 user when they no longer require it. A combination of the […]

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SharePoint Steps It Up

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Sinking OneDrive…

OneDrive is the shared name for Microsoft’s personal cloud storage space.  There are two types, OneDrive for your personal data and OneDrive for Business for work documents that your work or school can control.

OneDrive also provides the ability to access and store documents on your computer, phone or tablet using the OneDrive App or OneDrive Synchronisation Client. When it’s working well the Sync client picks […]

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Upgrading to Office 2016 – What Project and Visio users need to know

Office 2016 which comes with Office 365 is great, and has some excellent new features. However there is a catch for people that may also have a copy of Project or Visio that is not part of Office 365 (ie and “old school” licence was purchased).  The trap is you can’t run both Office 206 which is part of Office 365 and an older version […]

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Big week of Microsoft Announcements

Microsoft global headquarters are just outside of Seattle, in Washington State. Seattle is known for being rather cloudy and wet in winter. However, the clouds have been whistling by this week, with a string of announcements that are all part of new CEO’s Satya Nadella “mobile-first cloud-first strategy”.
In case you missed it, here are a few of the highlights, with links to more details on some […]

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