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Microsoft Office 365

Course 1: Online Office 365 Training

Learning Objective

Learn how to create, save and share documents in Office 365. This course focuses on document management using OneDrive or SharePoint

What is Office 365
What is Office 365 and how do the parts come together in the cloud

At the end of the course you will learn the difference between OneDrive and SharePoint and how to work with files on your computer and mobile phone.

Working with documents
• How to navigate around OneDrive
• How to create and share a document
• Working on documents together
• Controlling document versions
• Using the OneDrive app to synchronise documents to your PC
• Accessing documents on your mobile phone
• Differences between OneDrive and Shared Libraries in SharePoint

Microsoft Teams Training

Course 2: Online Microsoft Teams Training

Learning Objective

Microsoft Teams – Introduction to Collaboration and Meetings
Learn how to collaborate using Microsoft Teams including sing chat for conversations and how to share and work together on a document.

Attendees will practice how to setup and join meetings in Microsoft Teams so they can communicate and present content.

Key topics covered in this course:
• What is Microsoft Teams?
• Navigating in the application
• Chatting, calling and sharing your screen
• Collaborating on documents in a team
• Creating and joining meetings

Each course priced at $60.00 per participant. Course duration is 60 minutes per session. For session dates & times see below. Feel free to contact us with any questions or enquiries

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