Microsoft Excel Training Courses

Team Orange loves Excel, and we enjoy showing people how to to manipulate and report quickly and easily.

Our  half day Microsoft Excel Training Courses are outlined below, along with video clips of the features we focus on.

Custom courses are available for your organisation, we often adjust the content to focus on your specific requirements.

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Case Study

Introduction to Excel

This course is for individuals who to wish to create spreadsheets. It is also for those who wish to enhance their understanding of Excel and who need to understand the concepts of using a spreadsheet application. This course has an emphasis on managing and manipulating data as well as constructing simple formulas and functions.

Content Covered
* Microsoft Excel Environment
* File Management
* Formatting/Editing
* Multiple Sheets
* Managing Lists
* Construction of Simple Formulas
* Commonly used Functions
* Page Setup/Printing

Data Analysis

Our most popular course designed for Excel users that need to analyse and report with Excel, using advanced formulas and functions.

Using functions as tools will assist you in creating meaningful information from your data. Functions are also a useful tool for searching for specific information in sheets of data and for creating re-usable tools that can be used for specific business functions.

Content Covered
* How to construct functions
* Using Absolute vs. Relative Formulas
* Formula AutoComplete
* Using the Function Wizard
* Useful Functions for your business
* Conditional Functions (IF, AND, OR)
* Using Named Ranges in Function Construction
* Lookup Functions
* Formula Auditing
* Transposing Data

Data Presentation

Designed for business users who wish to present data in more effective ways. Focusing on Charts and Pivot Tables. Charts are used to extract the meaning in your data in a visual way, while PivotTables are used to extract more meaning from you data in multiple ways.

Content Covered
* Creating a Chart
* Working with Charts
* Chart Design
* Chart Layout
* Chart Formatting and Inserting Shapes
* Create a Chart Template
* How to copy a chart to Word or PowerPoint
* Working with Secondary Axis Charts
* Creating Pivot Tables
* Manipulating a Pivot Table and using slicers
* Creating Pivot Charts
* Manipulate a PivotChart

Power Pivot

This course is for individuals who need to analyse large quantities of data. It is also aimed at those who wish to enhance their understanding of Excel PowerPivot to enable them to attach multiple data sources within Excel PowerPivot and then create PowerPivot Tables and Charts to analyse that data.

Content Covered
* What is PowerPivot?
* The PowerPivot Environment
* Attaching data sources
* Working in the PowerPivot Environment
* Creating and managing links between data tables
* Introducing DAX Functions
* Creating and Editing PowerPivot Tables and PowerPivot Charts
* Working with DAX Functions & DAX Measures in PowerPivot
* Working with slicers
* Refreshing data
* Saving